Free Standing BBQ’s

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Free Standing BBQs

When you choose to purchase a free-standing BeefEater barbecue, you can anticipate a blend of functionality, stylish design, and exceptional durability. These barbecues offer a wide range of features that perfectly complement any outdoor setting, enabling users to effortlessly prepare delicious meals every time.

Snappy King

Introducing the Snappy King, the ultimate BBQ Roaster for cooking anything. Built with Heatlie’s renowned toughness, this stainless steel roaster guarantees years of delicious meals with friends and family.

Flat Plate BBQ

These Australian-made flat plate BBQs are meticulously crafted to withstand the test of time, ensuring a lifetime of exceptional performance without compromising on quality.


The Heatlie Roaster is the perfect choice for professional caterers, sporting clubs, schools, and campsites. Designed to handle large groups with ease, this commercial-grade roaster guarantees effortless cooking for any event.

Weber BBQ

Weber Q Series

Find the Baby, Family, Built-in and Premium Q Series in store. Compact, powerful and contemporary, the Weber Q range of gas barbecues are the ultimate anytime barbecue!

Weber BBQ

Weber Gas BBQs

Experience the ultimate convenience of Weber Gas Barbecues, providing the perfect opportunity to gather friends and enjoy hassle-free outdoor grilling

Weber BBQ

Weber Electric BBQs

Experience the ultimate control with independently controllable dual zone barbecuing areas, enabling you to sear steaks on one side while your side dish cooks on the other. Enjoy the convenience of integrated iGrill technology and other smart features for effortless and exceptional cooking every time.

Weber BBQ

Weber Charcoal BBQs

Indulge in the unmatched, smoky barbecue flavour that can only be achieved on a charcoal grill.

Weber BBQ

Free Standing BBQs

The Grandfire Classic Series is one of the best grilling solutions with all the standard features for a quality BBQ experience. Sleek finish and sophisticated features when articulated together proves to be state of the art BBQ Gadget.