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Kemlan & Jetmaster

Designed for Australian wood species and climate conditions, the Kemlan and Jetstar range provide quick heat when you need it and long, efficient burn times when you want.


Based in the heart of Auvergne, France, Seguin Group have been renowned for producing some of Europes most revolutionary and sought after range of elite fireplace products for over 30 years.

Heat & Glo

Heat & Glo is a leading brand of fireplaces that offers energy-efficient, stylish and customizable gas models. They are highly regarded in the industry for their innovation and commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


Redesigning fire, for more than 30 years, Ortal has been the world’s premier designer and builder of high-quality contemporary frameless gas fireplaces.


Escea is a renowned brand of efficient indoor and outdoor gas heaters with a modern aesthetic. Their range includes models with advanced features like smartphone control and temperature sensing technology, offering various installation options to fit any home. They are a trusted and innovative brand with a strong reputation for quality and customer satisfaction in the heating industry.

JC Bordelet

FOR MORE THAN 40 YEARS award winning fireplace designer Jean-Claude Bordelet has established himself as a non-conformist player in the world of fireplace design and manufacturing.


RANKED NO.1 IN FRANCE for their high quality steel, energy efficient technology and contemporary fireplace designs.

Pivot Flues

Insulated Flue for wood heaters and stoves are the most common flue system used around the world. It reduces heat loss in the home by 8%, keeps the flue from cooling down that reduces flue blockages and reduces noise by 90%.

Pacific Energy

Heating your home with a Pacific Energy wood stove or insert means choosing a green home heating solution.

True North

With a full line of affordable wood, pellet and gas fuelled appliances, choose True North for maximum value, comfort, safety and ecology.


Technologically advanced, efficient, clean burning heating and cooking stoves designed and made in the UK.


Charnwood is a UK brand that offers efficient and stylish wood-burning stoves and biomass boilers, ranging from traditional to contemporary styles. They are known for their quality craftsmanship, innovative design, and excellent customer service.

Living Fire

Living Fire is an eco-friendly Australian brand that offers high-quality gas, wood-burning, and electric fireplaces in various styles and sizes, including designs by Paul Agnew. They prioritize sustainability and innovation, providing stylish and efficient heating options for homes of all sizes and budgets. With a reputation for quality and customer satisfaction, Living Fire is a trusted brand in the heating industry.