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Aire 7 – Wood Heater.

We would like to present to you the highly sought-after Charnwood Aire 7. This wood heater is designed to radiate warmth while providing one of the most extensive and unobstructed views of your fire thanks to its large glass door. It is also one of the cleanest burning radiant heaters on the market and ideal for any passive or high-efficient home due to its outside air intake feature.

Cranmore 7 – Wood Heater.

Inspired by the Regency era, the newest collection of stoves features a single framed glass door and typical design details. With its pleasing proportions, the Cranmore stove is an excellent fit for a traditional fireplace and boasts a large picture window that makes it an ideal replacement for an open fire. Additionally, this stove is versatile enough to work well in a freestanding setup.

Island III – Wood Heater.

The classic Island III wood heater, the largest one in the Charnwood range, is now available. This impressive wood heater features double cast iron doors, making it a powerful heating option. It combines true English charm with the latest clean burning technology, ensuring that it’s both efficient and environmentally friendly.

Bay BX – Wood Heater.

The Charnwood Bay BX wood heater is an excellent choice for modern homes. It features outside air intake and can be installed with an Insulated ROOM SEAL FLUE KIT, making it suitable for “airtight” homes without any problems. The Bay BX is specifically designed for smaller rooms and is approved for use in passive homes.

Haven Cooking Stove

Manufactured on the Isle of Wight in the United Kingdom, the Charnwood Haven is an all-new compact wood fired range cooker. This cooker is specially designed for cabins, tiny homes, and living off the grid.

Vlaze Premium Hearths

Stunning English quality : the VLAZE Hearths are made in England by AJ Wells ( the company who makes the enameled British railway signs). A high end, baked enameled finish hearth are designed for the home that DEMANDS attention. These hearths are all tested and approved for any make or model wood. Available in black splatter, off-white crackle and plain black.