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Bakeheart – Wood fired cook stove.

Introducing the Bakeheart, a wood-fired cooking stove that combines radiant heat with a graduated temperature hob (190°C to 300°C) and a 32-litre baking oven. Its rugged cast-iron design offers timeless style and modern British engineering, perfect for heating and cooking.

The Ironheart – Wood fired cook stove.

The ESSE Ironheart is a versatile wood-fired cook stove and range cooker with a large glass window, convection panels, and a 47-liter oven. You can cook directly in the firebox, and the hotplate accommodates up to six pans. With a heat output of up to 7.6kw, it’s EcoDesign Ready and suitable for continuous operation. Plus, there’s an optional hostess shelf for added convenience.


Utilising the same principles as the popular Ironheart, the wood-fired Warmheart generates enough heat to keep things toasty and warm while a casserole simmers on the stove or a few steaks sizzle in the firebox.