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Ilektro Two Thousand – Electric Fire.

Create an impressive impact with the ilektro 2000.

As the biggest fireplace in the ilektro series, the ilektro 2000 is guaranteed to grab attention.

The ilektro fireplace has a sleek design but is strikingly beautiful, featuring various lighting options and the most authentic-looking ceramic log set. It’s an ideal focal point that adds visual appeal to any room.

Siena Seven Fifty

Cast Iron Heater.

Crafted to be appreciated from both sides, this unit is ideal for separating any area. Whether placed at the center of a room or within a contemporary warehouse conversion, this finely designed cast iron piece is bound to draw your attention. Its excellent construction ensures dependability and resilience, whether installed as a built-in or left as a freestanding unit.

Modica Six Hundred

Cast Iron Heater – Inbuilt and Freestanding.

The Modica fireplace unit is created to complement modern lifestyles and bring warmth and atmosphere to any room. Its adaptability allows you to accomplish an industrial style by leaving the firebox exposed, or installing it into a masonry fireplace, making it a versatile firebox that offers various design possibilities.