Wood Heaters

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Axis I1000FS – Single sided

Axis I1000FS Single-Sided wood fireplace is a display of geometric versatility and artisan engineered construction. This wood fireplace exudes a mesmerising display of flames and unsurpassed design excellence. With the ability to introduce fresh air into the firebox with the optional outdoor air kit (recommended for 6 or more star-rated homes) this will provide better efficiency and more effective combustion of the fire wood.

Axis I1000FS – Double sided.

The French artisan engineered Axis I1000FS Double Sided is highly sought after by those who prize the sleek elegance of a panoramic wood heater combined with an unbelievable heating performance and double sided viewing area. With the ability to introduce fresh air into the firebox with the optional outdoor air kit (recommended for 6 or more star rated homes) this will provide better efficiency and more effective combustion of the fire wood.

Axis H1200 – Single sided.

The artisan engineered Axis H1200 inbuilt wood fireplace is a French panoramic steel firebox with breathtaking sentiments and an unbelievable heating performance.

Axis H1600 – Double sided.

Let the Axis H1600DS double sided wood heater make an elegant statement in any open plan space. This slow combustion wood heater discreetly emphasises the art of perfect design and mastered engineering.

Axis EP1950 – Three Sided

Spectacular from any angle, the French designed and made Axis EPI950 three sided wood fireplace will create an unsurpassed ambience with its unique characteristics of being either an open or slow combustion heater and its unconventional glass viewing area. With its high quality three sided panoramic steel firebox and elegant glass doors, the luxurious Axis EPI950 three sided wood fireplace is sure to be a real show stopper in any designer space.

Axis H1200VLG – Double Sided

Made in France, the Axis H1200 VLG two sided wood fireplace is a display of geometric versatility and artisan engineered construction. With the option of which way this corner panoramic framed wood fireplace can be placed, the Axis H1200 VLG two sided wood fireplace will exude mesmerizing comfort and unsurpassed design excellence from any angle.

Aire 7 – Wood Heater.

We would like to present to you the highly sought-after Charnwood Aire 7. This wood heater is designed to radiate warmth while providing one of the most extensive and unobstructed views of your fire thanks to its large glass door. It is also one of the cleanest burning radiant heaters on the market and ideal for any passive or high-efficient home due to its outside air intake feature.

Cranmore 7 – Wood Heater.

Inspired by the Regency era, the newest collection of stoves features a single framed glass door and typical design details. With its pleasing proportions, the Cranmore stove is an excellent fit for a traditional fireplace and boasts a large picture window that makes it an ideal replacement for an open fire. Additionally, this stove is versatile enough to work well in a freestanding setup.

Island III – Wood Heater.

The classic Island III wood heater, the largest one in the Charnwood range, is now available. This impressive wood heater features double cast iron doors, making it a powerful heating option. It combines true English charm with the latest clean burning technology, ensuring that it’s both efficient and environmentally friendly.

Bay BX – Wood Heater.

The Charnwood Bay BX wood heater is an excellent choice for modern homes. It features outside air intake and can be installed with an Insulated ROOM SEAL FLUE KIT, making it suitable for “airtight” homes without any problems. The Bay BX is specifically designed for smaller rooms and is approved for use in passive homes.

Vlaze Premium Hearths

Stunning English quality : the VLAZE Hearths are made in England by AJ Wells ( the company who makes the enameled British railway signs). A high end, baked enameled finish hearth are designed for the home that DEMANDS attention. These hearts are all tested and approved for any make or model wood


A modern take on a classic fire, this freestanding fireplace series boasts maximised flame-viewing and better home performance.

Indoor Wood Free Standing

Escea also offers a range of free-standing heaters that provide an easy and convenient way to add warmth and ambiance to any living space. With their combination of style, functionality, and efficiency, Escea’s free-standing heaters are a great addition to any home or business looking for an elegant and effective way to stay warm and cozy during the colder months.

Outdoor Wood Fireplace Kitchen

The Escea EK Series is an outdoor fireplace kitchen that combines a fireplace and a professional-grade grill, making it perfect for those who love to entertain and grill. With adjustable cooking plates, grills, and meat hooks, it’s a space saver that’s built to last, and it comes in three sizes to fit your space. Plus, with a pizza oven accessory available, it’s the ultimate choice for serious outdoor cooking enthusiasts.

Bakeheart – Wood fired cook stove.

Introducing the Bakeheart, a wood-fired cooking stove that combines radiant heat with a graduated temperature hob (190°C to 300°C) and a 32-litre baking oven. Its rugged cast-iron design offers timeless style and modern British engineering, perfect for heating and cooking.

The Ironheart – Wood fired cook stove.

The ESSE Ironheart is a versatile wood-fired cook stove and range cooker with a large glass window, convection panels, and a 47-liter oven. You can cook directly in the firebox, and the hotplate accommodates up to six pans. With a heat output of up to 7.6kw, it’s EcoDesign Ready and suitable for continuous operation. Plus, there’s an optional hostess shelf for added convenience.


Utilising the same principles as the popular Ironheart, the wood-fired Warmheart generates enough heat to keep things toasty and warm while a casserole simmers on the stove or a few steaks sizzle in the firebox.

Tatiana 997

From wherever your French handmade Bordelet Tatiana 997 suspended fireplace is residing, it will cause a stir of desire that others will crave with its 180 degree viewing area and 360 degree pivot rotation option.


The Cube combines clean effective heating with sleek minimalist design. Additionally a removable handle allows for a clean flush look and also provides safe opening of the door.

See-Through Cube

The See Through Cube is a stunning double sided fire that will make a beautiful centrepiece to any modern home. This innovative fire can be loaded from both sides and incorporates a two way natural convection system that allows you to evenly heat a large room while taking up minimal space.

Celestial 900 Insert

The simple elegance and sleek lines of the Celestial 900 represents the best in contemporary wood heating. Featuring a peak heating capacity of 330m2 and a low particulate emission rate of 1.4g/kg grams, the Celestial 900 is a powerful performer complemented by good looks and an Australian pedigree.

Tempo 3

The Tempo comes in two varieties including the LE3 Leg or Pedestal. The Tempo LE3 is a premium semi convection heater designed to heat an area up to 160 square metres.

Universal Free-Standing

Jetmaster Universal Free-standing Fireplaces: stylish, versatile, and easy-to-install heating solutions that add warmth and elegance to any space. Enjoy the beauty of a real wood fire with high efficiency and minimal smoke. 

Universal Double Sided

With a Jetmaster Universal Double-Sided open fireplace you can create an eye-catching feature, heat two rooms simultaneously, or create a freestanding feature with an exposed flue.

Siena Seven Fifty

Cast Iron Heater.

Crafted to be appreciated from both sides, this unit is ideal for separating any area. Whether placed at the center of a room or within a contemporary warehouse conversion, this finely designed cast iron piece is bound to draw your attention. Its excellent construction ensures dependability and resilience, whether installed as a built-in or left as a freestanding unit.

Modica Six Hundred

Cast Iron Heater – Inbuilt and Freestanding.

The Modica fireplace unit is created to complement modern lifestyles and bring warmth and atmosphere to any room. Its adaptability allows you to accomplish an industrial style by leaving the firebox exposed, or installing it into a masonry fireplace, making it a versatile firebox that offers various design possibilities.

Alderlea T6 LE Stove

The T6 LE, Alderlea’s largest woodstove, delivers ample warmth and comfort for spacious areas. It boasts Extended Burn Technology for all-night burn times, a family-sized cooktop, and a large glass window. Engineered to last a lifetime, it promises wood heat comfort with Pacific Energy’s lifetime warranty.

Neo Wood Heaters.

Neo 2.5 LE offers elegant, modern lines and a larger 2.5 cubic foot firebox for higher heat output. With no-stoop loading, a large glass door, and simplified air control, the Neo 2.5 LE is a practical wood stove with Pacific Energy’s clean-burning technology that reduces emissions while maximizing burn length and fuel efficiency.

Alderlea Inbuilt Wood Heater

The alderlea inbuilt heater is amazing. Its classical cast iron fascia, may make the heater look old fashion. HEATS 250+M2. The alderlea T5 has 3 finish options.

Super LE – Wood Heater.

The Super LE stove stands as one of the most popular choices, known for its unmatched performance and dependability. With a user-friendly design, this stove is easy to light, operate, and maintain. Equipped with superior burn technology and an impressive range of standard features, the Super LE sets the gold standard for heating spaces up to 2000 square feet.

Europa 7 Series

Contemporary meets classic with the Seguin Europa 7 cheminee fireplace with swing door mechanism and corner glass sided viewing area. This beautifully crafted pure cast iron wood fire is sure to add breath taking ambiance in any stylish home whether installed as a built-in or freestanding fireplace.

Multivision 8000 – Wood Heater.

Seguin’s cast iron cheminee fireplaces boast a 10mm average thickness, retaining heat long after the fire has faded for lasting warmth on colder nights. Standard features include a damper, air wash system, fire grate, and ash pan. The use of high-quality raw materials ensures a 10-year guarantee, making it a reliable and durable heating option.

Multivision Heaters

Handmade in France, the Seguin Multivision 8000 DS cheminee fireplace with swing mechanism and two piece glass viewing area of the flames is sure to impress in any grand living space.

Jade – Wood Stove.

The Seguin Jade: a stylish and efficient freestanding wood stove from France. With its high efficiency and essential features, it effortlessly heats most rooms and adds charm to any space.

TN10 – Free Standing

Small in size, yet big in heart, the True North TN10 is all the best in Canadian wood heating technology shrunk down to size. Ideal for heating a smaller area (about the size of a two-car garage), the TN10 packs a punch, ensuring there are no cold spots left in your room.

T20 – Wood heater.

The TN20 features entry-level tubes as part of the combustion system, offering a cost effective solution for the price-minded wood burner.

TN20 – Inbuilt

If you’re looking for an inbuilt wood heater that doesn’t compromise on heat, performance, or environmental considerations, look no further than the True North TN20 Inbuilt wood heater.